09:06 03 Aug 2022

Putin's bluff: Scholz commented on transfer of turbine for "Nord Stream"

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Thanks to Canada's agreement to make an exception to the sanctions and hand over the turbine for "Nord Stream," it was possible to demonstrate that russia used these explanations only as an excuse to cut gas supplies

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated it in an interview with the Canadian Globe and Mail.

He noted that he considers unjustified criticism of the Trudeau government's decision to return the turbine.

Scholz emphasized that this step deprived putin of an excuse to justify the reduction of gas supplies to Germany and other European countries.

"Thanks to Prime Minister Trudeau, we were able to call Putin's bluff. We never believed that the reduced deliveries had technical reasons," Mr. Scholz said. "With the turbine ready to be delivered, it is up to Russia to resume their contractual obligations.

"If Moscow decides not to live up to its contractual obligations, then let this be crystal clear to the whole world," the German chancellor emphasized.

"It's a well-known playbook by now: Russia wanted to stop gas deliveries and blame our sanctions regime for the result," Scholz added.

He noted that Canada's agreement to make an exception for this step is a strong sign of support for Germany and for Europe and of maintaining solidarity amongst close allies in order to sustain long-term support for Ukraine.

"How would weakening Germany and Europe help Ukraine?" the chancellor asks.

Olaf Scholz also said that he does not believe russia would agree to increase the volume of gas supplies to Europe through the Ukrainian gas transportation system.

Scholz was also asked why Germany relied on Russian gas until the last.

After all, the States have warned for years that Putin could use this dependence.

The chancellor replied that this reality lasted for decades, and there was a time when Moscow seemed to be considered a constructive partner.

"But still: I don't want to deny that we have relied too long and too single-sidedly on energy supplies from Russia. Today, we live in a different reality and we are quickly adjusting," added Olaf Scholz.

German media reports that the Nord Stream turbine, which Canada agreed to hand over to Germany despite its own sanctions, has not reached russia after three weeks. The russian federation refuses to accept it.

The Kremlin denies that Russia's own actions are making it difficult to return the turbine. Gazprom said it had received the documentation for the turbine, but it "has questions" about the documents.

Recently, Gazprom announced the alleged malfunction of another Nord Stream turbine, causing the pipeline to operate at 20% of its stated capacity.


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