16 sep, 16:08

Scholz called russia NATO's biggest threat

13 sep, 17:22

Scholz: The free world cannot leave Ukraine alone with putin

9 sep, 13:10

Scholz, Biden and Stoltenberg discuss further support for Ukraine

29 aug, 14:51

German Chancellor offered support for Ukraine’s air defense and artillery development

23 aug, 16:14

Scholz: world will never recognize russia's attempts to annex Ukrainian territories

22 aug, 11:22

Femen activists staged topless protest in favor of "gas embargo" in front of German Chancellor

11 aug, 14:30

This is Putin's war: Scholz opposes general ban on russians EU entry

3 aug, 09:06

Putin's bluff: Scholz commented on transfer of turbine for "Nord Stream"

25 jul, 11:54

Germany's ruling coalition proposes to directly supply tanks to Ukraine

5 jul, 14:55

Sholz and Macron discussed supporting Ukraine at Paris meeting

17 jun, 22:12

Scholz: German weapons will arrive in Ukraine in time

16 jun, 12:41

Leaders of France, Germany, Italy and Romania arrive in Irpin, Kyiv region

16 jun, 08:37

Scholz, Macron and Draghi arrive in Ukraine by special train

15 jun, 20:15

Macron, Draghi, and Scholz plan to make a joint trip to Ukraine on Thursday

13 jun, 14:04

Macron, Scholz, and Draghi plan to visit Kyiv on June 16, media report

8 jun, 15:42

Zelensky and Scholz talk about strengthening German defense support

7 jun, 16:03

Scholz: Spain has not yet requested the export of German Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine

3 jun, 13:50

Ukrainian parliament speaker meets with Scholz and calls for swift delivery of heavy weapons

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