12 apr, 18:57

Berlin will supply weapons to Ukraine, President of Germany reports

10 apr, 13:58

Zelensky, Scholz discuss punishment for perpetrators of Russian war crimes in Ukraine

8 apr, 09:15

Scholz is delaying the provision of high-quality German tanks to Ukraine, the media reports

4 apr, 19:20

Germany sends 40 russian diplomats, DW reports

4 apr, 19:05

Not only gas: Germany calls for severing all economic ties with russia because of its "criminal war" in Ukraine

4 apr, 17:27

Zelenskyy reacted to Merkel's statement about Ukraine's refusal to join NATO

31 mar, 10:01

German truck manufacturer MAN shuts down plants in Europe because of a lack of components from Ukraine

30 mar, 21:20

German government wants to offer Ukraine additional weapons systems as soon as possible, the media reports

30 mar, 15:09

Scholz: Germany is ready to act as a guarantor of Ukraine's security

16 mar, 17:54

Zelenskyy to address German Bundestag MPs tomorrow

16 mar, 12:10

In Germany, the largest energy company has stopped buying new volumes of gas from Gazprom

10 mar, 16:11

Former German Chancellor Schroeder will ask Putin to stop the war, the media reports

8 mar, 18:30

Xi Jinping had a conversation with Macron and Scholz about Ukraine

4 mar, 13:23

Germany announces further sanctions against Russia

3 mar, 10:13

Germany approves supply of 2,700 Strela anti-aircraft missiles to Ukraine

2 mar, 21:00

Bild: Anti-tank weapons and Stingers from Germany arrived in Ukraine

1 mar, 16:17

Zelenskyy spoke with German Chancellor: what is known

28 feb, 22:03

German Foreign Ministry comments on possibility of Ukraine's accelerated accession to the EU

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