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United to win: Germany delivers 15 Sonobot surface drones to Ukraine

Photo: Twitter / German Aid to Ukraine

The Ukrainian Armed Forces received Sonobot 5 surface drones from Germany.

The Army of Drones state project said drones would help to survey reservoirs and detect ammunition and other explosive objects on the bottom, Rubryka reports.

What is the problem?

Unmanned boats can be used for various tasks, like maritime reconnaissance, monitoring of coastal activity, escorting merchant ships, adjustment of artillery fire, and fire damage to warships and infrastructure.

They can also examine bodies of water for dangerous objects. In their war against Ukraine, the Russian army is constantly shelling and striking the country, especially territories near the front and lands de-occupied during the Ukrainian offensive, leaving behind dangerous explosives.

Shells and various ammunition pollute not only the soil but also water bodies, which is dangerous for the civilian population.

Надводний БпЛА

Photo: Twitter / German Aid to Ukraine

What is the solution?

Germany has transferred Sonobot 5 surface drones, which help survey bodies of water and detect ammunition and other explosive objects on the bottom.

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Photo: Twitter / German Aid to Ukraine

How does it work?

As reported, Sonobot 5, which is produced by the German company EvoLogics GmbH, is a small surface platform that is flexibly adapted to the needs of hydrographic surveying in inland waters.

Sonobot 5 is mainly used for three-dimensional mapping. The device can be used during search operations to identify objects that threaten the safety of people and infrastructure.

The drone can perform autonomous missions along a defined route, or it can be controlled by an operator in radio-controlled mode.

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Photo: Twitter / German Aid to Ukraine

The German arms producer Rheinmetall will provide Ukraine with additional SurveilSpire drone detection and combat systems, which are used to monitor areas without involving troops as much as possible.

By the end of 2023, the Rheinmetall will deliver a modern unmanned Luna NG complex for air reconnaissance and electronic warfare to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The complex can be used not only for reconnaissance but also for providing LTE communication, interception, and EW.

On October 14, Germany handed Ukraine Bandvagn 206 multi-purpose tracked all-terrain vehicles, vehicles for border guards, and 50 drone detection systems.

On October 11, Germany announced new military aid worth about €1 billion for Ukraine. The package contains additional air defense systems, tanks, and ammunition.


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