28 feb, 21:45

Zelensky meets with Moldovan President to discuss Russia's destabilization of Transnistria

28 feb, 16:18

Transnistria asks Russia for protection due to "increasing pressure from Moldova"

20 feb, 15:25

EU allocates €83 mln worth of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and Moldova

12 feb, 14:25

50 kilos of explosives found at crash site of Russian drone in Moldova

11 feb, 22:17

Wreckage of Russian Shahed drone found in Moldova

15 jan, 10:21

Russia will again attempt to destabilize situation in Moldova in spring – President Sandu

21 nov, 18:16

Zelensky hosts high-level meetings with European Council head and Moldova president

7 oct, 16:10

10-year-old Ukrainian wins international mental math competition, besting 230 students

28 sep, 12:44

Moldova uncovers missile fragments in local lake following Russian attack on Ukraine

9 sep, 18:54

United to win: Moldova to provide Ukraine with equipment for electrical network repair

12 jun, 16:19

Ukraine and Moldova to construct bridge across Dniester River

1 jun, 16:18

Only the coalition of Patriots and jets can defeat Russian terror – Zelensky at European Political Community summit

23 may, 16:35

Moldova will arrest Putin if he visits the country – Sandu

18 may, 14:59

Moldova wants to join EU as soon as possible due to Russian threat – Sandu

6 may, 12:20

“We are only safe today thanks to Ukraine” – Moldova’s president

3 mar, 13:48

China presenting its peace plan and russia threatening Moldova: key trends in Ukraine's wartime reality

28 feb, 16:53

Romania rejects claims of amassing troops at its Moldova border

23 feb, 19:55

Moldova officers arrested two suspected in coup plotting

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