24 jun, 16:11

Solutions to win: Ukraine to produce machines for demining

22 jun, 21:58

Switzerland allocates $1,3 bln in demining assistance package to Ukraine

21 jun, 18:19

Ukrainian sappers destroyed 62 Russian landmines during Kakhovka dam rescue operation

19 jun, 20:43

Ukraine's armed forces receive weapons stockpile abandoned by Russian invaders in Kharkiv region

15 jun, 10:32

United to win: Sweden sends 250 mine detectors to Ukraine's flooded regions

12 jun, 09:29

Kakhovka dam flood washes away explosives to Black Sea coast

11 jun, 22:00

Ukraine's Ministry of Strategic Industries prioritizes humanitarian demining, focuses on specialized machine production

9 jun, 18:00

Ukraine needs 1000 demining brigades to destroy all explosives on its territory – defense minister

3 jun, 15:27

Ukrainian sappers prepare for counteroffensive with demining along contact line – The Washington Post

3 jun, 08:45

Two children in Kherson region seriously injured in explosion of unknown object

28 may, 11:40

Austria allocates €2 mln for humanitarian demining in Ukraine

24 may, 16:41

Ukrainian NGO Come Back Alive leads life-saving fundraiser to demine Ukraine

19 may, 19:58

Solutions to win: Ukrainian rescuers create vehicle to demine Kharkiv region

14 may, 12:26

Russian landmine explosion kills five civilians in Kherson region

8 may, 20:46

Ukraine plans to produce demining machines, train 500 sappers annually

5 may, 13:41

Ukrainian farmer invents novel solution for demining fields

5 may, 10:36

Ukrainian agricultural holding Nibulon launches its own humanitarian demining unit

3 may, 19:57

Canada donates $16 mln in demining equipment to Ukraine

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