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Denmark sends six demining drones to Ukraine

Фото: armyinform.com.ua.

As part of the aid package, Denmark provided Ukraine with innovative demining drones, which are used to survey land and water bodies. 

Ukraine's Defense Minister made the relevant statement on Twitter.

What is the problem?

According to the State Emergency Service, 30% of Ukraine's territory is mined.

This is more than 174 thousand square kilometers. Every day pyrotechnics die, every day they get injured, every day they work with the military. This type of people is rescuers who enter the liberated territories right after the military to ensure their livelihoods.

About 20% of the total number of our rescuers killed are pyrotechnics. And about 40% of the total number of wounded colleagues are them too, emphasized Serhii Kruk, head of the State Emergency Service.

What is the solution?

To facilitate the work of Ukrainian pyrotechnics, Denmark donated six drones for demining as part of an aid package to Ukraine, Reznikov said.

How does it work?

These drones are used for non-technical inspection of territories, including water bodies, for the presence of explosive devices, the minister emphasized.

Reznikov assures these drones are the latest innovative approach to surveying territories.

БПЛА для розмінування

Фото: Скріншот

Among the drones, Denmark included other demining equipment, field bridges, funds for air defense,
and ammunition in its aid package worth $250 mln.

Reznikov posted a video showing the work of the drones. The military notes that the drone surveys the area for explosives and displays the information on the screen.

The video shows the coordinated work of various units to detect explosive devices left by the Russian occupiers on Ukrainian soil and to destroy them.

On June 30, Denmark expressed its readiness to allocate $190 million for a new defense support package for Ukraine, which has ammunition and military equipment. It will include air defense missiles. In the coming weeks, Ukraine will receive dozens of tanks, which will be delivered in cooperation with Denmark and Germany.

Ukraine has signed a memorandum of cooperation with Denmark in the field of renewable energy, in particular wind energy.

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Ukraine has been provided with short-term technical assistance through the local support office, as well as several large batches of energy equipment.


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