Luhansk region

3 jul, 09:02

russian invaders attempt to gain foothold in Lysychansk

2 jul, 13:59

Fierce fighting ongoing near Lysychansk, city not encircled – Ukraine's National Guard

19 jun, 08:36

Situation in Luhansk region: Battle of Sievierodonetsk continues, enemy pressing from Popasna

18 jun, 08:51

Enemy launches air strikes in Syrotyne, Borivske ares of Luhansk region

16 jun, 23:07

Ukraine’s Armed Forces eliminate 26 invaders, destroy fuel depot in east

15 jun, 17:48

russia's attacks on chemical plants: what is the danger to water and soil and how to identify it?

12 jun, 21:26

Luhansk Oblast: 6-year-old child killed in Lysychansk shelling

6 jun, 12:34

russians shell 22 settlements in Ukraine's east, killing 8 civilians

5 jun, 11:35

Ukrainian army pushes invaders back deeper in Sievierodonetsk, town divided in half

30 may, 08:44

russian troops enter Sievierodonetsk's outskirts, Luhansk administration reports

29 may, 10:58

Ukrainian military push Russians away from Lysychansk-Bakhmut highway

28 may, 22:59

Sievierodonetsk celebrates its 88th anniversary under enemy fire, but flying Ukrainian flag

27 may, 12:14

russians attack Sievierodonetsk from different directions, but cann't break through defense

25 may, 15:22

russians involve more than 15,000 servicemen in assault on Sievierodonetsk

22 may, 09:45

Ukraine’s Armed Forces repulse assault on Sievierodonetsk

16 may, 17:31

Occupiers fired on Lysychansk and Sievierodonetsk: photo

16 may, 16:11

russia lost almost a thousand servicemen in an attempt to cross the Siversky Donets River

12 may, 10:35

russian troops destroyed almost all Luhansk region's critical infrastructure: region left without water and electricity

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