Luhansk region

23 mar, 08:17

Luhansk region: In Rubizhne, aggressors fired on a high-rise building, killing children

22 mar, 14:34

Luhansk region: A hospital where children were staying was shelled in Severodonetsk

22 mar, 08:57

Enemy damaged 25 buildings in the past 24 hours in Luhansk region: they're aiming at warehouses with food

18 mar, 09:30

Overnight occupiers destroyed more than 20 buildings in Severodonetsk and Rubizhne: two people killed and wounded

17 mar, 08:40

Russian invaders staged a hellish night in Rubizhne: whole streets were on fire

16 mar, 10:10

Luhansk region: invaders suffered heavy losses and retreated

15 mar, 19:44

Ukrainian military in Luhansk region destroys 5 Grads, 3 tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and more than 15 occupiers

14 mar, 12:36

Severodonetsk is a complete ruin. The humanitarian situation is critical - Head of Administration

14 mar, 09:57

Today, 10 humanitarian corridors should work in Ukraine

13 mar, 08:48

In Luhansk region, occupiers fired on Popasna with forbidden phosphate ammunition - police

12 mar, 11:21

Because of Russian shelling, part of Luhansk region left without light, heat, and water

5 mar, 11:48

In Luhansk region, villagers rallied against occupiers

2 mar, 16:01

In Luhansk region, occupiers fired on a brewery: one person killed

25 feb, 22:06

The city of Shchastia is 80% destriyed, and in Novoaydar 2 bridges are blown up, - the Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration

24 feb, 10:41

Arestovych said that Russia's first strike on Ukraine failed

21 feb, 14:17

Luhansk TPP operation stopped due to shelling. Power, water supplies cut off in Shchastia town

5 dec, 11:57

Donetsk, Luhansk regions should become territories of priority development, - Vereshchuk

2 dec, 13:57

Parliament extends law on special status of Donbas for one year

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