Luhansk region

11 apr, 09:13

russian occupiers fired on another railway station in the east

9 apr, 09:31

Apartment block in Sievierodonetsk catches fire due to enemy shelling

7 apr, 16:40

There is not a single undamaged hospital left in Luhansk region because of constant russian shelling

6 apr, 22:38

Ukrainian defenders repulsed nine occupiers' attacks in the east in one day

6 apr, 18:19

Reintegration minister and military administrations call for the evacuation of residents of two regions

6 apr, 16:20

10 high-rise buildings burning in Severodonetsk, Luhansk region, because of an attack by russian invaders

6 apr, 08:01

russian troops continue to fire on residential areas of settlements in Luhansk region: what is known

5 apr, 08:58

Luhansk region on fire: the same house in Severodonetsk was shelled for the fifth time; people are buried in yards in Rubizhne

4 apr, 13:28

russia is increasing its forces for the offensive in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian General Staff reports

4 apr, 08:52

There was an attempt at night breakthrough around Rubizhne, tens of occupiers were killed, head of regional administration reports

31 mar, 20:07

The situation in Luhansk region is getting worse, occupiers are bringing a lot of equipment, head of region reports

31 mar, 08:19

Luhansk region on fire: Russian troops fired on all city districts of Lysychansk

30 mar, 22:36

Donetsk and Luhansk regions: Russian occupiers lost dozens of units of equipment, aircraft, artillery systems

30 mar, 15:41

Two children in Lysychansk injured during Russian artillery shelling: severe injuries

30 mar, 08:37

Russian invaders brought down fire on Lysychansk in Luhansk region: what is known

29 mar, 22:26

Ukrainian military repulsed 4 enemy attacks and destroyed 7 tanks in Donbas

25 mar, 08:50

In Rubizhne, Luhansk region, occupiers haven't stopped shelling for hours, there are victims

24 mar, 08:36

Luhansk region: At night, occupiers attacked by aircraft and dropped phosphorous bombs

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