16 sep, 08:35

Ukraine among top three countries in terms of virtual assets’ use

Special project
7 sep, 13:10

The trouble with attained effects: why a broken window won't deliver economic growth

4 sep, 20:27

Ukraine receives nearly $37B in financial support from IMF over 30 years

2 sep, 14:55

Key issues of Ukraine's 2023 budget: what to expect, how funds will be used, what reductions to await

In Handy
11 jul, 08:57

Save or spend: what to do with money in wartime?

20 may, 18:48

How to reimburse damage caused by war? New housing, lost profits, and compensation

Business Solution
11 apr, 10:56

"Amidst the war, there are no set processes, strategies, algorithms. Every day, everything is different", BGV Group Management

Special project
8 apr, 14:10

IPhone or bulletproof vest? How an opportunity cost helps to make decisions

18 mar, 14:47

How much will it cost to rebuild Ukraine and who will help us? We answer in numbers

27 jan, 18:55

Introducing mandatory cash registers threatens small businesses

24 jan, 16:25

Ban on registration of employees as sole proprietors: should the business worry?

20 jan, 16:35

What's happening with hryvnia: why the exchange rate is falling and what to expect

17 jan, 09:00

Tax on Ukrainians' unofficial income: what should you do now?

3 jan, 08:45

What will change for sole proprietors in 2022: payment transactions recorder fever and do you need a cash register?

14 dec, 17:40

MPs approve new wording of law on financial services and companies

10 dec, 19:10

Ukraine to discuss a new cooperation program with IMF

9 dec, 21:30

How the deception of "cheap" loans at 0% and "fast" money works: the editorial office's experiment

29 nov, 16:05

Sources of funding: how do non-profit organizations receive funds for their activities?

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