17 may, 11:39

Over 1,000 people flee Sumy border area in three days – regional military administration

3 apr, 18:31

Ukraine evacuates seven more children with families from Russian-occupied territories

29 mar, 15:55

Ukrainian students assemble robot stretchers for evacuation of soldiers at the front

11 mar, 16:30

Solutions to win: Kharkiv charity fund donates 10 ATVs with trailers and tires for military evacuations

8 mar, 21:43

Ukraine evacuates 59 more citizens from Gaza Strip

1 mar, 13:20

Ukraine tests robots for medical evacuation

Photo, video
22 feb, 19:33

Ukraine receives dozens of Spanish M113 carriers to aid combat evacuations

21 feb, 18:59

Ukraine evacuates 37 more children from frontline Donetsk region

20 feb, 10:20

Solutions to win: Ukraine develops new robot platform for evacuation of wounded soldiers

Photos, video
8 jan, 17:27

Twenty children and ten individuals with reduced mobility evacuated from front-line settlements in Donetsk region

Photo, video
27 dec, 16:35

Solutions to win: Ukrainian students donate medical evacuation helicopter to Ukrainian intelligence

Photo, video
10 dec, 20:41

Over 300 Ukrainians successfully evacuated from Gaza in completion of rescue mission

28 nov, 14:20

600 rescued fish and cats: contact room in Kharkiv helps people cope with stress

9 nov, 17:16

228 more Ukrainian citizens given permission to leave Gaza Strip – ambassador

2 nov, 20:33

Ukrainian authorities start mandatory evacuation of 300 children from front line region in Kharkiv

Photo, video
2 nov, 19:22

Ukrainian police officers have evacuated 67 children from frontline Donetsk region over the past week

31 oct, 18:59

Russian forces open fire on evacuation bus in Kherson region, injuring two

11 oct, 15:55

Ukraine prepares to evacuate 200 of its citizens from Gaza this week – ambassador

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