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Over 300 Ukrainians successfully evacuated from Gaza in completion of rescue mission

Photo: Main Directorate of Intelligence

The special operation to rescue Ukrainian citizens from the Gaza Strip has been successfully completed. 315 people were evacuated from the dangerous zone, including 304 Ukrainians. Two Palestinians and nine citizens of Moldova were also evacuated.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence reported this on Telegram.

According to intelligence, the evacuation mission carried out by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the instructions of the President of Ukraine took place in several stages.

As a result, it was possible to evacuate 315 people from the danger zone:

  • 304 Ukrainians,
  • 2 Palestinians,
  • 9 citizens of Moldova.

Among the rescued there are:

  • two people with injuries,
  • cancer patient,
  • pregnant,
  • two citizens who coordinated Ukrainian military intelligence directly in the conflict zone.

For reference:

As Rubryka wrote, on November 8, Ukraine successfully evacuated the first group of its citizens, which included 43 people, from the Gaza Strip. Ukraine also helped evacuate the citizens of Moldova.

On November 9, Ukraine received permits to leave the Gaza Strip for another 228 citizens of our country.

On the night of November 11, another 11 Ukrainians left the enclave. Then, 145 citizens of Ukraine who had been evacuated from the Gaza Strip arrived at the airport of Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.

On November 24, 8 citizens of Ukraine were deported from the Gaza Strip to Egypt. 26 Ukrainians were brought from Egypt to Moldova.

On December 8, the Main Directorate of Intelligence announced that it had evacuated 39 more Ukrainian citizens from the Gaza Strip – women and children.

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip

According to the authorities of partially recognized Palestine, more than 17,400 people died as a result of the Israeli military campaign in the Gaza Strip, 70% of them women and children.

More than 46,000 people were injured, and many others are under the rubble.

More than 60% of housing in the Palestinian enclave has been destroyed or damaged, about 85% of the population has been forced to leave their homes, the health care system is collapsing, and "nowhere in the Gaza Strip is safe."

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