Crimean bridge

25 nov, 12:16

"Crimean Bridge is doomed": Ukraine's Security Service chief on further plans of weakening Russia on sea

19 oct, 09:35

Russia's forces face threat to protect Crimean Bridge due to "ingenuity of Ukraine's military and security services" – British intelligence

24 sep, 09:19

Ukraine's armed forces achieve multiple strategic goals targeting Russian air defense systems in Crimea – intelligence chief

22 aug, 18:41

Russian troops flood their ferries to protect Crimean Bridge from Ukrainian strikes – Ukraine's intelligence

19 aug, 10:54

Head of Ukraine's Security Service Maliuk reveals details of blowing up of Crimean Bridge last year

12 aug, 14:24

Explosions rock occupied Kerch, smoke seen near Crimean Bridge

23 jul, 13:45

Zelensky considers Crimean Bridge a target that "must be neutralized"

18 jul, 15:29

Overnight Russian shelling of Odesa was "revenge" for Crimean Bridge attack – Kremlin spokesperson

17 jul, 11:41

Ukraine's security service promises to reveal details about Crimean Bridge explosion "after the victory"

17 jul, 08:44

Crimean bridge damaged amid reports of explosions

9 nov, 10:27

russians won't open Crimean bridge as they plan – UK intelligence

27 oct, 13:15

Experts warn about Crimean bridge's negative impact on environment of Sea of Azov

20 oct, 15:38

Ukraine didn't order "attack" on Crimean Bridge – Zelensky

17 oct, 10:28

russia faces increased logistics problems due to damage to Crimean bridge — British intelligence

9 oct, 09:11

Damage to Crimean Bridge will affect russia's ability to sustain its forces in southern Ukraine - British intelligence

What's Happening
8 oct, 19:23

Crimean bridge, protective dome Muromets, international aid to Ukraine: timeline of October 8

8 oct, 09:04

Traffic on Crimean Bridge completely stopped, huge queues at petrol stations

8 oct, 08:07

Road section of Crimean Bridge destroyed – Ukraine’s Air Force

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