13:45 23 Jul 2023

Zelensky considers Crimean Bridge a target that "must be neutralized"

President Volodymyr Zelensky called the Crimean Bridge a target of the Ukrainian military and should be completely neutralized.

He stated this at the Aspen Security Forum, writes CNN.

"For us, this is an enemy object built outside the law, outside international law and applicable norms. Therefore, this is our goal, and any goal that brings war, not peace, must be neutralized," the head of the Ukrainian state emphasized.

Zelensky also emphasized that the goal of Ukraine is to liberate Crimea from the Russian invaders because it is the sovereign territory of the state and an integral part of the Ukrainian people.

According to the president, the Crimean Bridge is more than just a logistical road; it's a daily supply line for the invaders, providing them with weapons and munitions.

For reference:

At three o'clock in the morning from Sunday to Monday, an attack was carried out on the Kerch Bridge, which connects Crimea, occupied by Russia, with the territory of the Russian Federation. The spans of the bridge were partially damaged.

Media sources in the Security Service of Ukraine said that these explosions were the result of a special operation by the Security Service of Ukraine and the Naval Forces. The bridge was attacked using surface drones.

The Russian mass media wrote that there were two drones. As a result of their attack, one of the bridge's spans tilted.

Against this background, the SSU noted that the norms of international law and the rules of warfare allow cutting off the enemy's logistical routes.

The bridge is closed to vehicular traffic. The ferry crossing between Kerch and the Russian Federation also ceased to function. The flow of cars was sent to detour through occupied mainland Ukraine.

The occupying authorities of Crimea recognize that one span of the Crimean Bridge cannot be restored. They say that a temporary bridge 250 meters long will be built next to the damaged part of the Crimean Bridge.

Earlier, Rubryka wrote that the Crimean Bridge is guarded from the sky by fighter jets and underwater by divers and war dolphins.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin promised Russia would take revenge for the attack on the Crimean Bridge.

The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, reacted to the Russian shelling of Odesa and noted that the enemy would indeed receive an answer for this crime.


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