12:16 25 Nov 2023

"Crimean Bridge is doomed": Ukraine's Security Service chief on further plans of weakening Russia on sea

Фото: Василь Малюк

The Crimean Bridge, illegaly built to connect Russia with occupied peninsula "is doomed," says Ukraine's Security Service chief Vasyl Maliuk in the documentary about special marine forces.

He promised "a lot of surprises" to the occupiers, by this meaning either increasing drone attacks or sabotage missions.

He revealed details on how the SSU attacked the Crimean bridge using the newest Sea Baby drones. Maliuk believes that these attacks are a "real slap in the face to Russia and its dictator Vladimir Putin."

"We have destroyed the myth of Russia's invincibility. This is a fake country. The bridge is doomed. There will be many surprises ahead, and not just about the Crimean bridge," he said.

The Crimean Bridge was attacked by Ukrainian troops on October 8, when West supplied first long-range missiles.

The second hit at the bridge took place on July 17, 2023, when Ukraine started using locally made drones. Russian forces managed to damage the crossing, which is crucial for the enemy to conveniently transport their weapons and soldiers.

Russian troops "were trying their best to prove to the world that their Kerch Bridge, which they spent $1 billion to protect," was supposedly the most secure structure in the world.

The maritime drones successfully "proved the opposite" and cut off this enemy logistics supply line.

"We have actually turned the philosophy of naval operations upside down," emphasized Maliuk.

The Sea Baby, created by the SSU, is not just a naval drone, but a multi-purpose platform that is currently being used actively to protect Ukrainian waters.

Ukraine's intelligence intrigued with the footage of the Crimean bridge. Officers from the Artan special forces unit sent a "greeting" to the occupiers, leaving a "business card" on the shore opposite the illegal structure, and promised the bridge to continue its "adventures."

Previously, on July 17 this year, explosions occurred at night on the Crimean bridge. One span towards Taman was destroyed, and the span towards Kerch was damaged.

The bridge was attacked using surface drones, and the SSU reminded that international law and the rules of warfare allow cutting off the enemy's logistics routes.


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