BGV Charity Fund

24 nov, 11:03

BGV Charity Fund and FC “Polissia” purchase and deliver training gear worth 400,00 hryvnias for “Burevii” brigade

24 nov, 10:16

BGV Charity Fund delivers sports and playground for over 300 children to Berezivka community

21 nov, 10:49

10,000 sets for toddlers: BGV Charity Fund unveils fifth wave of assistance

20 nov, 21:32

BGV Charity Fund and "Ukrenergo" union donate UAH 23.45 million in aid to Ukrainian military

15 nov, 11:08

Children from Zhytomyr region, who vacationed in Estonia with BGV fund support this summer, meet Tallinn mayor

15 nov, 10:15

BGV Fund supports youth Greco-Roman wrestling tournament

Company News
14 nov, 11:17

BGV Charity Fund director shares insights about collaboration with local authorities at Second Communities Forum in Zhytomyr region

13 nov, 11:45

“Europe is not tired”: Estonia’s Ambassador to Ukraine on war fatigue, democracy, and international support for Ukraine

3 nov, 14:49

Charity fund delivers 5,000 free mobile tablets to socially vulnerable Ukrainian children

1 nov, 11:00

BGV Fund and Make it Real Foundation launch a charity project to organize Christmas festivities for vulnerable Ukrainian children

15 oct, 12:52

BGV Charity Fund supports displaced Ukrainians with food kits

14 oct, 11:48

BGV Fund completes renovation of Bucha Children’s School of Arts

11 oct, 13:32

Big businesses that prioritize philanthropy: five cases during the war

Special project
7 oct, 09:05

Vadym Saulkin: "The doctor said: 'If you go rollerblading, be sure to send the video'"

Special project
6 oct, 12:07

Oleksandr Gorokhivskyi: learn to use a new leg and return to work and travels

Special project
5 oct, 17:43

Viktor Polyarenko shares about the "disco" in the trenches and strength of spirit

Special project
4 oct, 16:49

Yevhen Ovchynnykov: "This program works to help military personnel regain the meaning of life"

Special project
2 oct, 17:54

Artur Mylin: instead of going to Canada, he went to war

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