BGV Charity Fund

23 jan, 09:05

Zhytomyr’s Points of Invincibility received generators, kettles, and food products from BGV Charity Fund

28 dec, 11:29

Hennadii Butkevych's BGV Charity Fund and Zhytomyr City Council sign memorandum of cooperation in 2023

Special Project
26 dec, 14:45

"My dog will be in body armor and with its own machine gun": St. Nicholas in Kyiv's Okhmatdyt Children's Hospital

13 dec, 15:24

BGV and The Pure In Hearts charity funds launch humanitarian project for older people in Zhytomyr region

29 nov, 13:48

Ombudsman of Ukraine and BGV Charity Fund launch regional project to support newborn babies

Special Project
20 nov, 12:30

Helping children, rebuilding music school and trucks in convoy: how charity fund founded because of war works

Special Project
12 oct, 10:05

Launching new plant during war or business that started with explosions

20 sep, 13:53

help alliance of Lufthansa Group and #WeAreAllUkrainians together with BGV Charity Fund will restore children’s art school in Bucha

Special Project
27 aug, 09:08

100 kilometers on foot not to give birth in occupation: a story of Kyiv maternity hospital left alone with war

16 aug, 18:35

The second wave of a charity project for newborns is starting in Ukraine: the fund will distribute another 10,000 kits of children's goods

15 aug, 12:09

Newly born triplets first to receive aid within BGV Charity Fund project's second wave

20 jul, 18:34

Usyk's boxing gloves and Bucha children's drawings: charity auction held in London to support Ukraine

Special project
12 jul, 15:35

"The most stress-resistant business in the world": how Ukrainian companies unite against the enemy and for Ukraine

21 jun, 14:25

New charity project in Ukraine: Hennadii Butkevych's fund to hand over 10,000 sets for newborns and their mothers

18 may, 11:45

Eight hectares of sorrow: what happened to Vorzel's psychiatric hospital during russian occupation

6 may, 19:04

Oleksandr Usyk founded a charity fund to help Ukraine

27 apr, 13:25

580 drawings and 115 thousand hryvnias: an initiative in support of children from Ukraine was held in Prague

20 apr, 21:27

"Football and the international voice are our weapons": why football clubs continue to play

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