BGV Charity Fund

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29 apr, 16:30

BGV Charity Fund organizes training for internally displaced persons in Kyiv region

29 apr, 11:25

Solutions from Ukraine: two charitable funds team up to distribute 11,000 food kits to elderly

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28 apr, 22:22

Over 30,000 packs of eco-friendly diapers headed to Ukrainian babies

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28 apr, 18:58

BGV Charity Fund and KOLO retail chain raise UAH 688,206 for "Charge Up the Armed Forces" project

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28 apr, 16:23

BGV Charity Fund and German donors restore children’s art school in Bucha

22 mar, 17:27

BGV fund to organize pre-hospital aid and mine safety workshops for displaced Ukrainians

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21 mar, 19:05

The BGV Charitable Foundation celebrated its 2nd anniversary

17 mar, 16:40

BGV Charity Fund has launched corner in FC “Polissia” summer fan zone

16 mar, 19:33

Solutions to win: BGV charity fund teams up with "Polissia" football club to provide soldiers with military equipment

1 mar, 10:29

BGV Charity Fund launches fundraising campaign on Dobro.ua platform to support Inclusive Resource Center in Olevsk

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29 feb, 19:23

BGV Charity Fund delivers humanitarian aid to Ukrainian infants in Zhytomyr and Mykolaiv

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26 feb, 16:30

Close to 9,000 packages of eco-diapers are on their way to babies

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14 feb, 10:48

BGV Charity Fund and KSE Foundation donate 50 vehicles to Ukraine’s State Border Service

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13 feb, 12:55

“Eco-conscious from the cradle”: BGV fund to distribute 43,000 sets of eco-diapers for kids in collaboration with partners

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26 jan, 14:43

BGV Charity Fund, in partnership with Ronald McDonald House Charities, delivers humanitarian aid to families from Nikopol and Skadovsk

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24 jan, 09:33

“Charge Up the Armed Forces: Your energy — their power”: BGV Charity Fund and “KOLO” store chain launch joint project

19 jan, 14:27

Safe space SviTy works to pull young people out of trauma and help them adapt to life in wartime

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18 jan, 14:47

Fifth wave of children’s aid project completed: 10,000 kids aged 1–2 receive kits

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