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Ukrainian animal shelter opens "AdoptMe Days" at Kyiv Expocenter

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You'll meet your furry friend on March 23-24 at the Expocenter of Ukraine in Kyiv. 

The Hostomel Shelter organized the "AdoptMe Days" event to find families for its wards, Rubryka reports.

What's the problem?

The excessive number of stray animals on the streets is a pressing issue for many Ukrainian cities. Stray animals result from people's indifference, irresponsibility, and sometimes cruelty. People, unwilling to take responsibility for their pets' care, upkeep, and offspring, often abandon kittens, puppies, and even adult animals on the streets.

Amid the full-scale war, many animals become homeless because their owners are killed in Russian attacks. For humans, it's natural to keep pets, but uncontrolled breeding constantly increases the number of stray animals.

What's the solution?

The "AdoptMe Days" adoption event of the Hostomel Shelter will take place in Kyiv on March 23-24.

This event allows everyone to meet kittens and puppies looking for a family and find a new friend. The evacuated from the front line and abandoned animals will seek another chance for a happy life.

Photo: VDNG/Facebook

How does it work?

Every pet taken into a family will receive gifts from event partners, providing them with necessary items and food for the first months in their new family.

Photo: VDNG/Facebook

Rubryka reported that volunteers also held the "AdoptMe Days" campaign in February to find homes for stray animals from the Kyiv region.

It was also reported that Oleksandr Avramenko and Kateryna Taran ventured to open a cat café in Zaporizhzhia, where they sheltered animals from the front-line territories. Five cats live in the establishment, each with its own story.

The charitable foundation "Hochukota" and the real estate IT company "LUN" launched a joint social initiative: they offer to adopt a cat, dog, or other animal from a shelter if Ukrainians are planning to move.


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