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Kyiv volunteers raise funds to build enclosures for evacuated animals from war zone

The war has posed a challenge for us all to safeguard and rescue animals, and it's now on us volunteers and animal lovers to lend a helping hand to our furry pals.

To improve the lives of animals, the "PORUCH" volunteer union organized a fundraiser. As a result, benefactors collected 126,000 hryvnias.

волонтери зібрали кошти на будівництво вольєрів для тварин

What is the problem?

Many dogs and cats were left homeless in the front-line territories. In addition, many shelters were either completely destroyed or forced to close due to lack of funds.

Every time in humanitarian missions to the east of Ukraine or Kherson, the team of volunteers of the "PORUCH" union sees with their own eyes how many animals have been abandoned and wander without care, are blown up by landmines, die from injuries or hunger, dehydration and cold.

волонтери зібрали кошти на будівництво вольєрів для тварин

What is the solution?

"The war in our country turned the lives of millions of people and thousands of animals into a catastrophe. During humanitarian missions, we see all this horror. Therefore, we always take animal feed when we go to the front-line settlements. After all, like people, they are afraid of explosions and try to hide from them, panic, and live in constant stress. Of course, our team tries to pay attention and feed and water as many dogs and cats as possible. We always organize a feed collection before the trip. Thanks to everyone who cares, we managed to make a large purchase and deliver humanitarian goods for people and animals," said Rusana Sharlai, head of the PORUCH union.

The organization dedicated the entire month of July to collecting animal funds. The benefactors collected 126,000 hryvnias through joint efforts.

волонтери зібрали кошти на будівництво вольєрів для тварин

"Part of the funds – UAH 78,800 – we sent to the shelter "URSA MAJOR" for the construction of enclosures for animals evacuated from the war zone. The rest of the money was spent on buying fodder for animals from the east," said Rusana.

How does it work?

The volunteer notes that the team's philosophy is that there are no small donations.

"Everyone can contribute to the common cause – donate money, bring food, become a volunteer. And maybe someone will take a pet from the shelter that needs care and protection. After all, only together we will be able to cope with this problem and make the world a better place!" – says Rusana and expresses her gratitude to all the caring people and ambassadors of the union who made this gathering possible!

волонтери зібрали кошти на будівництво вольєрів для тварин

If you also want to join, you can do it here: https://www.poruch.org.ua/support/

Follow the activities of the volunteer union "PORUCH" and future meetings: https://www.instagram.com/spilkaporuch/



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