Alice Smahina

Where to Go
6 aug, 09:35

Picasso and Malevich in a Ukrainian village: why you should visit Parkhomivka in the Kharkiv region

In Handy
5 aug, 16:35

"I have prostatitis": what every man should pay attention to

5 aug, 10:27

Solution on the road: traffic lights that will surprise you

3 aug, 15:20

Vacation in Ukraine: what sea spots to visit with a tent and without crowds

In Handy
30 jul, 12:05

Heat in Ukraine: how to escape it outside, at home, and work

28 jul, 10:45

Why school kids need apiaries, or how social entrepreneurship educates children

27 jul, 12:45

Where to leave your dog on vacation: how hotels for paws operate

22 jul, 15:15

Mosquito invasion in Ukraine: how to fight bloodsuckers

In Handy
20 jul, 09:15

Have a Cake Day: 20 facts about dessert and 3 recipes for every taste

16 jul, 10:25

Thresholds, sockets, corners: how to properly equip a home for a child with a disability

15 jul, 11:35

65,000 euros for killing a bee: solutions to save endangered bees

11 jul, 09:05

Chocolate Day: 20 facts that make us love these treats so much

2 jul, 10:00

Close to the heart: when to go to the cardiologist

1 jul, 17:25

Ukrainian architecture: 10 buildings that everyone should see

Look at us!
28 jun, 09:10

Forever moving forward. 28 Ukrainians who changed the world

27 jun, 08:50

9 solutions for small businesses: from loan to subscription

23 jun, 09:36

2020 Olympics: what will Tokyo surprise with? 22 solutions

18 jun, 12:53

"Scream, squeak, whistle!": how recreation for children with autism is organized in Kherson region

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