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Close to the heart: when to go to the cardiologist

Even if you're only 25 years old. The case of the Denmark-Finland football match, when the Danish captain suddenly fainted and suffered a clinical death, proved that everyone at any age should think about their heart.

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In recent days, Ukrainians have had more and more reasons to clutch their hearts. The fierce heat, which suddenly spread the whole of Ukraine after a long period of rain and chilliness, was joined by the Euro 2020 football battles, the unofficial sponsors of which social media users have already named the infusion of valerian and Validol.

Jokes aside, but one of the players of the long-awaited championship really got sick right during the game. Christian Erickson, the captain of the Danish national team, fainted during the match against Finland.

коли варто йти до кардіолога

To save the athlete, a team of medics used a defibrillator. Further examination at the clinic confirmed the footballer's heart attack and the need for an implant, a cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD). After resuscitation in the field, Christian, coming to his senses, was only able to moan: "Damn, I'm only 29 years old…"

Крістіан Еріксон

The Danish footballer was rescued by doctors, the entire football world was in pain for his recovery, but in any case, this season Eriksen is unlikely to play: recovery from surgery and illness will take about six months, and if all goes well, the footballer will be able to return to the profession and live a full life. The probable tragedy, which almost happened during the football match, gave millions of fans a reason to think about the state of their own hearts.

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