22 sep, 16:37

"That goodness can't be measured": how Pallium for Ukraine initiative helps seriously ill Ukrainian children

19 sep, 08:30

Ukraine receives 600,000 doses of polio vaccine from partners

15 sep, 19:45

First monkeypox case confirmed in Ukraine

In Handy
13 sep, 12:40

Animal first aid: how to save your pet's life

31 aug, 17:06

Medical hub for Ukrainian patients will open in Poland

24 aug, 14:13

"Heartfelt Gratitude": Rubryka joins the national flash mob honoring doctors on Independence Day

Special Project
17 aug, 14:10

"Emergency in civilian life is car crash, but now it's russia as neighbor": story of anesthesiologist who became combat medic

31 jul, 21:02

About UAH 200M of charity donations collected for reanimation medical vehicles - Zelenska

21 jul, 16:50

Ukrainian First Lady launched fundraiser for type C ambulances through UNITED24

18 jul, 11:05

Changes in pharmacies and hospitals: How will the sale of prescription antibiotics work?

Special project
8 jul, 17:45

Koleso saving lives. How the military is taught tactical medicine

6 jul, 18:25

russians are stealing expensive equipment and medicines from hospitals in the occupied territories

29 jun, 19:25

Saving lives on the front line from the rear: how Territorial Defense fighters donate blood in Kyiv

28 jun, 15:22

"Everyone is in severe or moderately serious condition": hospital in Kremenchuk after russia's missile strikes on Amstor shopping center

Special project
23 jun, 19:15

"How can you go somewhere everyone is fleeing from?": a story of a paramedic who saves the military and dreams of making clothes

15 jun, 17:48

russia's attacks on chemical plants: what is the danger to water and soil and how to identify it?

9 jun, 17:11

European Pancreatic Club Meeting to be hosted by Ukraine

Special Project
21 apr, 18:55

"Everyone did what they could, what they were capable of": how a doctor from Bucha helped to deliver a baby and helped the wounded in the siege

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