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Sweets Day: how to make healthy candies with your own hands. 6 simple recipes

Cure for dullness is what you need on a gloomy autumn day!

There are many types of candies. Fondants and bars, lollipops and caramels with different fillings, toffees, truffles, brittles, chocolate, milk and waffle candies, and many other varieties. Many children and adults love candy, almost everyone has their favorite varieties and flavors. Each planet citizen consumes on average about 30 kg of sweets a year, and Ukraine is among the top ten countries that love sweets.

як приготувати цукерки вдома

Remedies for everyday life and cough

It's interesting that not so long ago people considered chocolate a medicine. 19th-century pharmacists offered chocolates as a remedy for coughs and nervous disorders. And it doesn't surprise us, because people have long noticed that sweet foods improve mood, add vitality, even the word "candy" (confetto) from Latin translates as "cooked potion". Even now, lollipops for colds are very similar in taste and shape to ordinary candies. Everyone, not just connoisseurs of chocolate bars, knows about the so-called hormones of happiness produced when eating chocolate.

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