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1 may, 13:21

Ukrainian Easter paska bread: delicious holiday solutions

2 jan, 10:46

Inspiring and healing herbal teas: which plants are easy to grow

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28 dec, 08:30

Festive dinner 2022: what to cook when there's no electricity?

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1 nov, 15:53

How to save food without fridge, and fridge without electricity? Simple solutions

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18 oct, 17:53

Cooking without a stove: hot dishes recipes for when there is no light

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11 aug, 16:55

Save the "Gardens of Victory" for the winter: quick recipes and simple life hacks for canning

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1 jul, 20:35

Ukraine's cultural victory: 10 facts about borscht that will surprise you. And three delicious recipes

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6 feb, 09:25

One’s own bartender: 5 recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails for any taste

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31 jan, 08:55

Hot chocolate rules: how useful drink is and 5 original recipes

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5 jan, 09:25

Farm on windowsill: how to grow an alternative to vegetables in winter

New Year Solutions
22 dec, 17:55

What to cook on New Year's Eve: 4 life situations and 17 recipes

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30 oct, 14:15

Solution against autumn gloom: 5 drinks that will warm and save the mood

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17 oct, 09:05

Nuts: why should we eat hazelnuts, cashews, and pistachios?

Solution of the Day
10 oct, 10:25

Good sleep and protection against aging: 10 reasons to cook porridge today

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20 jul, 09:15

Have a Cake Day: 20 facts about dessert and 3 recipes for every taste

11 jul, 09:05

Chocolate Day: 20 facts that make us love these treats so much

10 jun, 11:58

Season of tasty solution. 20 interesting facts about ice cream and how to make a healthy dessert at home

10 may, 09:50

How to start eating healthy: 5 principles for everyone

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