24 may, 14:40

Russian troops planned to seize Vovchansk and advance towards Kharkiv within days – Kharkiv Regional Military Administration head

23 may, 16:38

Ukrainian drones target Russian military-industrial complex in Tatarstan, hit multiple objects – RBC-Ukraine

23 may, 13:58

G7 backs $50 bln Ukraine loan, secured by frozen Russian assets – Bloomberg

23 may, 09:22

Russia pushes "compatriots" strategy to expand aggression and hybrid operations beyond borders – ISW

23 may, 08:30

Ukraine's armed forces take down Russian Su-25 plane on Pokrovsk front – General Staff

22 may, 17:00

American and British military intelligence confirms China preparing to supply lethal weapons to Russia – UK defense minister

22 may, 13:22

Russia deliberately hinders the return of fallen Ukrainian defenders' bodies

21 may, 13:53

EU Council greenlights transfer of frozen Russian asset profits to Ukraine

21 may, 13:47

Russian offensive in Donbas targets capturing Pokrovsk – British intelligence

21 may, 10:59

Russian offensive in May aims to surround Kharkiv partially – The Economist

21 may, 09:35

Russian army may launch offensive towards Sumy – ISW

20 may, 12:24

Ukraine's armed forces hold 60% of Vovchansk in face of ongoing Russian assault in Kharkiv region – regional military administration

19 may, 13:13

Ukrainian drones attack Russian airfield with dozens of jets by night

19 may, 12:16

Russian forces strike recreation area near Kharkiv: four civilians killed, eight injured

18 may, 09:23

US ban on strikes on Russian territory seriously undermines Ukraine's ability to defend itself — ISW

17 may, 10:27

Russian reconnaissance drones can penetrate deep into Ukrainian territory – ISW

15 may, 16:59

Russian forces launch airstrike on Kherson city center, injuring 17 people

15 may, 14:20

Russian infantry units enter Vovchansk, Kharkiv region – Ukraine's defense ministry

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