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What Ukrainian books to read: 20 novelties of 2020

On the Day of Ukrainian Literacy, we share the most eminent book novelties that are definitely worth your attention

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Day of Ukrainian Literacy and Language is a state holiday that Ukrainian people have celebrated in early November for 23 years.

November 9 wasn't chosen by chance. According to the Orthodox calendar, this day honors the memory of St. Nestor the Chronicler. He was a writer, founder of Old East Slavic historiography, the first historian of Kievan Rus, thinker, and scholar. Researchers believe the written Ukrainian language began from the Reverend Nestor the Chronicler. He's the author of the oldest historiography and literary masterpiece of Ukrainians, "Tale of Bygone Years," completed around 1113. The author based the work on his contemporary events and archival chronicles, folktales, and stories.

Modern Ukrainian literature is built on the foundation of age-old traditions. That said, it's a self-sufficient and new quality product. Along with well-known and recognized writers, many bright young writers constantly appear in Ukraine, who can "capture" readers no worse than maitres.

The works of modern Ukrainian word-painters help to figure out what our country actually was in the past, see the picture of the present as it's now, and travel to the dreamed future. Difficult Ukrainian history is one of the primary inspiration sources for modern storytellers. But not all the current writers are strict chroniclers of our state's turbulent years. Among them are many romantics and storytellers, memoirists and satirists, science fiction writers, and virtuosos of the detective genre.

Reading a native word became not just "trendy," but also interesting. Every year, book lovers look forward to new presentations of the Ukrainian book market.

We have collected 20 novelties of 2020 from Ukrainian authors and publishers that are worth having on your bookshelf.

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