19 jan, 12:42

New survey shows that 65% of citizens in Ukraine speak Ukrainian at home

8 dec, 16:15

International language learners choose to study Ukrainian on Duolingo to express solidarity`

8 nov, 16:22

Ukraine's digital ministry prepares financial assistance for citizens aiming to study English on Future Perfect program

6 nov, 13:30

Cambridge University offers online English learning to Ukrainians

18 sep, 14:56

RePainted Fox: How and why the Ukrainian literary games project works

16 sep, 10:54

Ukrainian volunteers start free English courses for elderly people in central Cherkasy

2 sep, 13:21

Ukrainian Catholic University launches Crimean Tatar language course to raise awareness of indigenous people

1 sep, 20:42

Unknown man in Germany threw 10-year-old boy from bridge for speaking Ukrainian

Special project
29 aug, 12:12

Olha Sitkovska: "The transition to the Ukrainian language is not an event, but a process that will last for years"

23 aug, 19:10

Crimean Tatar publishing house Kitap Qalesi established in Ukraine

16 aug, 15:18

Linguicide: signs in Kyiv and a mobile app tell about Russia's attempts to destroy the Ukrainian language

14 aug, 16:43

Volunteers to host run in Kyiv to support Ukrainians in occupied territories

She's got it
14 aug, 15:32

"I was told: 'Who cares about Ukrainian, it's not even Russian'": How Ukrainian women teach foreigners the Ukrainian language

1 aug, 14:59

De-Russification of Ukraine's book publishing sector: record number of Ukrainian-language publications in 2023 – language ombudsman

1 jul, 14:35

Solutions from Ukraine: government to fund English language courses for Ukrainians

28 jun, 14:51

Zelensky introduces bill making English co-official language, to support EU integration

17 jun, 18:52

Ukraine drafts law to make English official language of international communication

17 jun, 12:25

Ukrainian developers present mobile app "Linguicide" to educate on history of Russification

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