15:43 05 Apr 2024

Solutions from Ukraine: new Smart Mobilization app allows for mobilization applications in just two clicks

With the Smart Mobilization app, applying for mobilization in two clicks will be possible.

Deputy Minister of Defense Kateryna Chernohorenko stated this in an interview with ArmyInform.

"Ukraine's military is currently the biggest employer in the country and can attract top talent from civilian life. This will help us grow and advance even faster and more technologically. Our next step is to allow people to apply for mobilization with just two clicks, such as "I want to be a drone operator," "I want to become an artilleryman," etc."

According to Chernohorenko, the most important aspect is the recruitment approach. When an individual clearly understands their path in the army and can control it through their own choices, the issue of electronic summonses and their existence will automatically disappear.

"I believe a person should be able to mobilize or sign a contract with a commander they trust. This is targeted recruiting. A civilian analogy: when employers fight for the best students after graduating from higher education," said the Deputy Minister of Defense.

According to her, today's army is saturated with civilian expertise, civilian habits, and civilian culture. People from large companies serve in the military.

"Yes, I have a serviceman in my team who returned from California, where he built startups. He just got on a plane, returned to Ukraine, and mobilized in the 47th brigade. And that's it. Nothing more can be said here. This is an example of how civilians enrich the army, and this enrichment must be "caught," she noted.

Chernohorenko also mentioned that once the conscript's office is up and running, the process for obtaining a certificate of participation in military service will be automated. This means that applicants will be able to submit their request with just a few clicks and receive an electronic document through the "Army+" project.

"Now, this process will not last for months but up to a few days. Because it's about dignity and it's about the state being able to provide human services for its citizens."

The deputy minister emphasized that "Army+" is a flagship product:

"Every day we get together with the team and think about how to do this faster, how to create an application for the military, how this will be their key to digital weapons, to all the programs, systems, and so on."

The law signed by the President unblocks the work on "Army+," Chernohorenko stressed.

For reference:

As reported by Rubryka, President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law on April 2 to establish an electronic office for conscripts. Chernohorenko stated that it is scheduled to be launched in the summer of 2024.

However, citizens will decide for themselves whether to use it or not.

"Each conscript will be provided with an electronic office, a pre-prepared option for their work. However, the decision to use this electronic office will be left to the discretion of each citizen," the official stressed.

Earlier, the parliament adopted draft law No. 10062 on digitalizing the army. This document proposes creating a register of Ukraine's armed forces service members and making it possible to obtain a combatant's status online.

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