11 jul, 09:08

Thousands of people join Ukrainian Legion in Poland – FM Sikorski

25 jun, 09:44

Solutions to win: over two million Ukrainians utilize Reserve+ app for military data updates, with 1.1 mln eligible for drafting

21 jun, 10:29

Ukraine in talks with EU to repatriate men who fled illegally – internal affairs minister

20 may, 14:25

Solutions from Ukraine: "Rezerv+" app to introduce electronic military IDs by summer

18 may, 11:30

Like flying on a Harry Potter broom: how does the Zesyky 9 ¾ military training school work?

15 may, 15:17

Mobilization in Ukraine: Will the new law help expand the army and improve Ukraine's defense?

26 apr, 13:58

Ukraine suspends consular services for men of conscription age abroad: why and for how long?

26 apr, 09:15

US State Department undecided on assistance for return of Ukrainian men of fighting age

25 apr, 13:24

German government affirms Ukrainian men will not lose refugee status

25 apr, 09:17

Poland stands ready to aid Ukraine in repatriating conscripted men – minister Kosiniak-Kamysz

19 apr, 14:37

Lessons for Ukraine: How its partners build and prepare their armies for defense

10 apr, 13:58

Russia plans to enlist 400,000 contract soldiers for its army in 2024 – British intelligence

5 apr, 15:43

Solutions from Ukraine: new Smart Mobilization app allows for mobilization applications in just two clicks

31 mar, 10:42

Putin issues decree to call up 150,000 citizens over 18 for military service

25 mar, 16:58

Russia's plans for two new armies face challenges due to lack of equipment and infrastructure issues – British intelligence

26 feb, 12:31

Russians have tricked dozens of Indians to fight against Ukraine – BBC

11 feb, 16:56

15,000 Nepalese soldiers aid Russia in war against Ukraine – CNN

4 feb, 19:52

Only journalists arrested at mobilized soldiers' wives' protests in Moscow – ISW

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