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Electrical substation fire engulfs supply to Russian defense plants in Yekaterinburg

Photo: illustrative / from open sources

On the night of March 2, there was much commotion in Yekaterinburg, Russia, due to a powerful explosion, which likely caused the electrical substation to malfunction.

The Russian Telegram channel ASTRA reported this.

According to the social media reports, there was a loud explosion and a bright flash. Russian state media reported that the explosion allegedly occurred on Shefska Street near the Kalininskaya substation.

The propagandists claim that the explosion was caused by a short circuit, which supposedly damaged one of the transformers.

According to Mash, an improvised explosive device went off. Probably, the detonation happened on a timer.

електропідстанція, Єкатеринбург

Photo: Screenshot from the video

It should be mentioned that the substation supplies electricity to three Russian defense factories:

  • the Kalinin Machine-Building Plant,
  • a turbo engine plant,
  • and "Uralmash".

The anti-terrorist commission also said it was "a malfunction of electrical equipment accompanied by a bang."

Other Telegram channels write that the plants fed by the power station work in the field of metallurgy, cement industry, and lifting and transport equipment for mining complexes.

It should be noted that on the morning of March 2, the Russian city of St. Petersburg was noisy, and explosions rang out: the local media reported a drone attack.

For reference:

In Russia, fires periodically occur at electricity distribution substations.

There was a significant commotion in Vladivostok, Russia, on January 23. Two electrical substations experienced explosions and fires, leaving hundreds of homes without power.

Also, on January 4, a substation on Vysokovoltny Proyezd caught fire in Moscow. As a result of the fire, several dozen high-rise buildings in three city districts were left without electricity and heating.

Earlier, Rubryka reported that a fire had broken out at the Chagino electric substation in Moscow. Witnesses observed thick smoke, a transformer explosion, and 120 liters of fuel spilled.

On November 23, explosions rang out in the Lytkarino, Moscow region. In the suburbs of Moscow, several settlements have been cut off.


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