13 feb, 15:53

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Dzhankoy and Mariupol

9 feb, 12:12

Ukrainian drones strike two oil refinery plants in Russia

2 feb, 18:26

At least three Russian warplanes were hit in Ukraine's attack on Crimea airfield – Air Force

1 feb, 10:17

Explosions rock occupied Crimea

25 jan, 11:43

Ukrainian drones attack oil plant in Russia's Krasnodar region

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23 jan, 13:39

Warhead of Russian rocket falls on cemetery near city of Dnipro

21 jan, 20:47

Russian factory "Novatek" halts operations due to Ukrainian UAV attack

19 jan, 14:11

UA Intelligence: Today's drone strikes on arms plant and oil depot disrupts Russian logistics and supply schedules

13 jan, 09:19

Explosions ring out in Russian-occupied Berdiansk

6 jan, 09:18

Ukraine's armed forces destroy Russian command post in occupied Crimea

28 dec, 08:24

Drones attack occupied Crimea: explosions reported in Krasnoperekopsk

26 dec, 08:20

Ukraine's armed forces strike port in Feodosia, causing fire on Russian ship 'Novocherkask'

16 dec, 10:52

Ukrainian partisans successfully detonate car with Russian officer in Mariupol

19 nov, 19:26

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Melitopol

11 nov, 10:40

Unknown partisans derail train with 19 wagons heading from Russia

10 nov, 08:58

Ukrainian intelligence officers destroy two Russian landing craft in occupied Crimea

9 nov, 12:48

Strike on Russian military base in occupied Skadovsk kills five soldiers, injures 15

9 nov, 09:18

Explosions rock Kursk region: Russian authorities claim local plant was hit by "NATO projectiles"

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