25 feb, 13:55

Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant powered by single power supply line for five past days

12 feb, 11:23

Russian attack left 53,000 households in Dnipro region without power

8 jan, 13:44

Japan to send Ukraine a batch of energy equipment

4 dec, 15:48

Largest wind power plant in Europe set to become a reality with Danish-Ukrainian joint investment project

3 dec, 19:23

Ukraine and Italy to collaborate on renewable energy development

2 dec, 09:40

75% of Ukrainians are ready for possible electricity supply problems in winter

24 nov, 19:00

Kyiv region receives 700,000 energy-sufficient light bulbs to preserve Ukraine's resources for winter season

23 nov, 18:22

34 international allies provided 6,000 tons of equipment to support Ukrainian energy sector during winter

16 nov, 11:58

Ukraine set to cooperate with US company Tetra Tech to demine energy facilities

18 oct, 14:39

Ukrainian hospitals receive over 40 power generators funded by World Bank

3 oct, 21:16

Ukraine preparing action plan in case of prolonged power outages

26 sep, 14:59

“Gas stations may not have fuel for generators, but the sun still rises every day”: eight Volyn administrative service centers lead Ukraine in independence from power outages

11 sep, 17:47

Germany increases emergency aid to Ukraine by €20 mln – FM

11 sep, 15:58

Ukraine and Germany to build wind farm around Chornobyl nuclear plant

9 sep, 18:54

United to win: Moldova to provide Ukraine with equipment for electrical network repair

25 aug, 12:19

Norway sends $140 mln to Ukraine to ensure electricity and gas supply

23 jul, 16:18

Russian intelligence investigates Ukrainian energy infrastructure – Ukraine's Main Directorate of Intelligence

20 jul, 13:00

RePower Ukraine Fund donates solar power station to hospital in war-battered Kharkiv

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