17:29 27 Feb 2024

Russia plans to unleash "Maidan-3" operation to destabilize Ukraine in March-May – Ukrainian intelligence

The Intelligence Committee under the President of Ukraine warned that Russia is planning an information campaign to create turmoil within the heart of Ukraine between March and May.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence stated this.

"Two years after the Russian Federation launched a full-scale war of aggression, Ukraine faced an objective threat to its existence as a state, as a nation, as a community of free and equal people," the report says.

According to intelligence, Russia is trying to implement a special operation in Ukraine called "Maidan-3". Its culmination is scheduled for March-May.

"In the coming weeks, the enemy will make every effort to spread narratives destructive to world security and attempts to incite conflicts – both inside Ukraine and in other parts of the world where Kyiv has effective support," the Ukrainian intelligence said.

The department indicated that the main directions and goals of Russia are:

  • disruption of mobilization in Ukraine;
  • spreading disinformation about Ukraine's inability to win;
  • spread of fakes about "fatigue from Ukraine" in the world.

At the same time, the global international goal of the Russian Federation is to reduce Kyiv's support from the pro-Ukrainian coalition in the world.

"The goal of the Russians inside Ukraine is to demoralize Ukrainians, to sow panic among the population, to drive a wedge between the military and civilians, to make everyone quarrel with everyone, including representatives of the political leadership and civil society," the intelligence officers explained.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence emphasized:

"According to the plan of the enemy, by the first half of June, the situation in our country will be shaken, and then Ukraine will be dealt a military defeat in the east; this is the key idea of the operation."

"Given the above circumstances, we appeal to Ukrainian society, international partners, and allies to strengthen joint resistance and comprehensive security measures, especially in the information space, to effectively counter global threats and challenges of a new global hybrid war. The war that the Russian Federation is waging today," the department emphasized.

The intelligence officers added that in November 2023, as part of the "Maidan-3" special operation, Russia spent almost 250 million dollars on spreading anti-Ukrainian sentiments on the Telegram platform alone.

In addition, the total budget of the operation amounted to 1.5 billion dollars – the most expensive "action" of the Russian special services in history.


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