6 oct, 10:04

British intelligence reports Ukrainian army's advance by 20 km in Kherson region

5 oct, 10:50

Ukraine continues to succeed in two counterattack directions – UK intelligence

4 oct, 10:00

British intelligence believes russia has problems not only with mobilization, but with conscription

28 sep, 17:53

Ukraine continues work on prisoners exchange

27 sep, 10:20

putin may soon announce annexation of occupied territories, although without desired effect in russia — British intelligence

20 sep, 11:48

russia withdraws submarines from Crimea due to Ukrainian missile threat – British intelligence

19 sep, 13:40

russian army lost superiority over Ukraine in the air – British intelligence

17 sep, 09:42

Any substantial loss of territory in Luhansk will undermine Russia's strategy - British intelligence

7 sep, 12:24

British intelligence: Due to Ukraine's offensive, russia faces choice — to attack or defend

29 aug, 10:30

russia's defense minister side-lined due to no success in war – British Intelligence

20 aug, 11:24

russian forces only prepared to undertake limited local assaults - UK intelligence

17 aug, 09:58

British intelligence believes russia's situation worsened sharply after explosions in Crimea

12 aug, 16:29

russia launched hidden measures implementation of so-called "industrial mobilization" — intelligence reports

5 aug, 10:27

russia fires artillery and uses nuclear plant as shield – British intelligence

2 aug, 10:34

ISW: russia is responsible for killing 53 Ukrainian POWs in occupied Olenivka

1 aug, 11:42

russians adjusting offensive plans in Ukraine's east due to no gains – British intelligence

25 jul, 10:22

British intelligence: russian troops struggle to extract and repair military equipment

24 jul, 14:32

russia to run fake story on Mariupol Drama Theater bombing - intelligence

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