9 dec, 14:28

Russian forces shell liberated Snake Island to demonstrate control over Black Sea – UK intelligence

4 dec, 15:25

Russia has lost over 300,000 soldiers in war against Ukraine – British intelligence

2 dec, 14:38

Ukraine's intelligence explains whether avoiding war with Russia was possible

27 nov, 14:56

Ukraine's intelligence executes successful attack on Smolensk aviation plant in Russia

27 nov, 14:45

British intelligence confirms record Russian army losses due to assault on Avdiivka

20 nov, 12:44

Ukrainian special forces destroy two radar stations in Russia's Kursk region

16 nov, 18:49

Ukraine's "Black Box" fundraiser revealed to be long-range attack drone that has destroyed Russian equipment worth $900 mln

16 nov, 10:18

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence unveils footage of preparations for raids on occupied Crimea

13 nov, 08:40

Ukrainian troops advance on left bank of Dnipro River in Kherson region with partial success – ISW

12 nov, 14:59

Partisans destroy occupier headquarters in Melitopol, killing Russian officers – Ukraine's intelligence

12 nov, 11:56

Ukrainian intelligence operatives have completed 50-km US Marine Corps marathon

12 nov, 09:15

Russia relies on infantry-led assaults to compensate for significant loss of equipment – ISW

10 nov, 08:58

Ukrainian intelligence officers destroy two Russian landing craft in occupied Crimea

6 nov, 15:19

War threatens to overheat Russian economy – British intelligence

5 nov, 11:58

Russia fails to provide living conditions for its forces on battlefield – UK intelligence

4 nov, 14:26

Russian army has already lost about 200 armored vehicles during assault of Avdiivka – UK intelligence

3 nov, 09:25

Russian troops are preparing to assault Europe's largest coke plant in Avdiivka – ISW

30 oct, 13:20

ISW: Ukrainian forces advance east of railway line near Bakhmut

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