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Solutions to win: "Dyki Shershni" Charity Fund unveils Ukrainian-made flight controller for drones

Photo: Forbes

"Dyki Shershni" ["Wild Hornets"] Charity Fund, which collects FPV drones for the Ukrainian military free of charge, manufactures flight controller modules for drones.

This is reported on the Wild Hornets' social network.

What is the problem?

Every person who isn't extremely lazy knows about the significance of FPV drones on the front line. These drones are advantageous because they are inexpensive and easy to make, which helps to make up for the absence of pricier weaponry.

In the face of reduced assistance from partners, the availability of FPV drones in many ways becomes a matter of survival.

It's worth mentioning that in Ukraine, not only manufacturing companies but also average Ukrainians are being encouraged to produce these types of drones.

After all, FPV drones can be assembled even at home. Nevertheless, it is expensive because the components must be ordered abroad.

Large manufacturers such as SpeedyBee are located in China, limiting the export of some drone components to Ukraine. Ukrainian drone manufacturers often complain that it is difficult for them to get spare parts from Chinese suppliers.

What is the solution?

According to experts, the main elements of an FPV drone are:

  • flight controller,
  • cell,
  • radio,
  • engines,
  • antenna, which is attached to the drone body.

The charity foundation "Wild Hornets" was involved in producing flight controller modules for drones.

Плати контролера польоту від Wild Hornets.

Photo: Forbes

How does it work?

The flight controller stabilizes the drone and ensures a smooth flight.

While other items like the camera and radio may be more generic items, flight controllers are specific to drones.

The "Wild Hornets" charity noted that they recently started making a drone called Wally with night vision sensors.

Український безпілотник Wally від Wild Hornets

Photo: Forbes

They all share the same flight controller, and Wild Hornets can easily switch production from one type to another, depending on demand.

Due to increased production, Wild Hornets have reduced the cost of their FPV drones by almost 12%, from $400 to $350. Therefore, it will enable Ukrainian manufacturers to reduce their dependence on foreign components.

Безпілотники від Wild Hornets

Photo: Forbes

In addition, own flight controllers make it possible to reduce the risks of dependence on Chinese suppliers and price increases from them.

For reference:

Thanks to the "Zhytomyr drone" project, 18 FPV drones were handed over to the service members of the 95th brigade.

In addition, Ukrainian drones, analogs of Russian Lancets, have passed preliminary tests and are preparing for the first combat tests.


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