14:47 09 Dec 2023

Germany must be prepared to provide more help to Ukraine "when others weaken" – Scholz

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The Federal Republic of Germany should be ready to increase its support to Ukraine against the background of the weakening of aid from other countries.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said this at the conference of his Social Democratic Party of Germany [SPD – ed.], writes n-tv.

As the head of the German government noted, with its attack on Ukraine in 2022, the Russian Federation put an end to the general understanding of peace and security in Europe.

The SPD politician emphasized that there should be clarity that "borders in Europe will no longer be moved by force."

Germany should even be prepared to do even more "when others weaken," the chancellor said, apparently alluding to the uncertain political situation in the United States ahead of next year's presidential election.

Therefore, according to Scholz, decisions must be made on the German side "so that we can do it."

The German chancellor also called for persistence in Germany's support for Ukraine.

"This war probably won't end anytime soon," he said.

Therefore, it is important "that we can do what is necessary for a long time," namely "to continue to support Ukraine in its defense struggle."

Scholz also clearly spoke in favor of further military support for Ukraine.

"President Putin cannot expect us to back down," he emphasized.

The SPD politician also mentioned the economic consequences of Russian imperialism – for Germany and even more so for some other countries.

"We know that there were consequences that affect us as well," the chancellor said, referring to high energy prices.

Scholz also emphasized that the government nevertheless managed to ensure a good energy supply, even if it was a "big financial challenge."

It should be noted that the day before, the German government announced the provision of another package of military aid to Ukraine, which, in particular, included ammunition and reconnaissance drones.

For reference:

In 2022, Ukraine received 2 billion euros in military aid from Germany, and in 2023, the country planned to transfer more than 5 billion euros.

On October 14, Germany handed Ukraine multi-purpose tracked all-terrain vehicles Bandvagn 206, vehicles for border guards, and 50 systems for detecting drones.

On October 11, Germany announced new military aid to Ukraine worth about one billion euros. The package contains additional air defense systems, tanks, and ammunition.

During a visit to Kyiv on November 21, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a new aid package for Ukraine worth 1.3 billion euros.

As Rubryka previously reported, the second group of Ukrainian military personnel underwent training in Germany to work with the Patriot anti-aircraft missile complex.

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