13:58 06 Dec 2023

Ukraine won't receive a million shells by 2024, but the situation will improve – German defense minister

Photo: CNN

According to German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius,  the European Union will unlikely meet the target of one million munitions to Ukraine by spring 2024. 

"This figure created expectations that ultimately were not met. Achieving one million is not so easy for the defense industry, especially when transitioning from peacetime," said Pistorius in an interview with ZDF.

Pistorius assured that improvements in Ukraine's munitions situation were expected in the coming months. 

"Germany alone will provide almost 200,000 munitions. But everything takes time, and it's not just a matter of political decisions or financial resources," he pledged.

The German Defense Minister also recognized the challenge lies in the inability of the arms industry to deliver as quickly as required in certain areas, such as munitions and anti-aircraft defense systems. He stressed that the arms industry was expanding capacities wherever possible, but speed was a limiting factor that could not be infinitely influenced.

Pistorius added that establishing a factory, creating appropriate munition and explosive reserves, and the ability to manufacture quickly and efficiently all take time.

Rubryka reported that Finland would soon start the production of artillery munitions for Ukraine.

Про це розповів міністр оборони Німеччини Борис Пісторіус в інтерв'ю телеканалу ZDF.

Supplying ammunition to Ukraine

On May 3, the Council of the EU approved a decision to allocate €1 billion in assistance to Ukraine for joint purchases of ammunition and missiles.

Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal noted that EU countries would start sending ammunition to Ukraine right away.

Before that, EU countries had several failed attempts to agree on joint ammunition purchases for Ukraine.

As reported, in September, the European Defense Agency signed eight contracts with the industry for the joint purchase of 155mm ammunition for Ukraine.

Rubryka previously reported that, to date, the European Union has delivered about 300,000 promised artillery ammunition out of a million to Ukraine.


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