13:23 05 Dec 2023

Nine priorities: EU and Ukraine discuss long-term security guarantees

Photo: Ministry of Defense

On December 5, representatives from the European External Action Service arrived in Kyiv to initiate consultations on behalf of the EU's High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, on a security guarantees package for Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense reported that Deputy Secretary General for Common Security and Defense of the European External Action Service, Charles Fries, presented the directions for the EU's long-term assistance during negotiations with the Ukrainian delegation led by Deputy Minister of Defense Yurii Dzyhyr.

Міноборони України та ЄС гарантії безпеки

Photo: Ministry of Defense

The package for Ukraine includes nine priority areas for future security commitments from the EU to Ukraine:

  • Assistance with military equipment and gear.
  • Training for the Ukrainian military.
  • Collaboration with the Ukrainian defense industry.
  • Counteraction to cyber and hybrid threats.
  • Assistance in demining.
  • Implementation of reforms related to the EU accession process.
  • Strengthening the capacity to control weapon stocks.
  • Support for nuclear safety efforts.
  • Intelligence exchange, including satellite imagery.
Міноборони України та ЄС гарантії безпеки

Photo: Ministry of Defense

Fries also said that the EU was "endeavoring to provide assistance to Ukraine as quickly as needed."

On December 4, Ukraine initiated the first round of consultations with the European External Action Service for Peace, Security, and Defense Deputy Secretary-General Charles Fries on EU collective security guarantees.

What we know about security guarantees from partner countries

On July 11 and 12, a summit of NATO countries took place in Vilnius, with Ukraine being one of its main topics.

In the summit's final communiqué published on the Alliance's website, Heads of State and Government of NATO countries acknowledged Ukraine's progress on the path to Euro-Atlantic integration and confirmed that Ukraine's future lies in NATO.

Leaders t of NATO member countries agreed to abolish the Membership Action Plan requirement for Ukraine and stated that they would extend an invitation to Ukraine to join the alliance after the "fulfillment of conditions."

The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, believes that NATO members can provide Ukraine with a series of security guarantees, ensuring the country has the necessary armament before joining NATO.

Earlier, Rubryka reported the start of negotiations with Italy to conclude a bilateral agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine, as outlined in the Joint Declaration of G7 countries.

On November 17, Ukraine and Germany began the first round of negotiations on a bilateral security guarantees agreement.

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