11:23 03 Nov 2023

Ukrainian breast cancer fund starts free screening for women in Kyiv

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The OncoStop charity foundation for women aged over 40 has launched a free mammography campaign.

Throughout November, women can undergo a free examination and screening in Kyiv.

What is the problem?

According to the National Cancer Registry, in 2022, 167,847 Ukrainian women appealed to hospitals with breast cancer. This data does not include information from Russia-controlled territories.

Breast cancer is the most common cancerous disease among women. Every fourth woman is diagnosed with breast cancer at the III-IV stage, when the effectiveness of treatment is significantly reduced, according to Ukraine's health ministry.

European data shows that breast cancer detected in the early stages (0-I-II) is curable in about 90% of women.

Global experience also shows that detecting a tumour in the breast before its clinical manifestations allows for organ-preserving and reconstructive plastic surgery for breast cancer and ensures a 20-year survival rate of 92%-98% of patients.

What is the solution?

The OncoStop Charity Foundation has launched a free screening campaign for women 40+. In Kyiv, women aged 40 and over can undergo a free examination during November.

How does it work?

Breast-cancer screening is the only method that detects the disease at an early stage.

Free examinations for early cancer diagnosis are available at the Kyiv City Centre for Reproductive and Perinatal Medicine.

The campaign is valid from 1 to 30 November.

As October was the breast cancer awareness month, Rubryka told three stories of Ukrainian women who received a "breast cancer" diagnosis and achieved high-quality treatment.

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