She's Got It
2 sep, 16:07

"Don't tell anyone": what to do with harassment at universities

25 aug, 10:33

Business after the war: a Ukrainian veteran on how to create her own business from forefront idea

18 aug, 13:30

A discussion on women who created independence to be held in Kyiv

30 jul, 12:17

Ukraine's mission to NATO is headed by a woman for the first time: what's know about her

She's Got It
29 jul, 18:05

Vacation because of a period in Ukraine: the need or discrimination?

27 jul, 12:56

2020 Olympics: Ukraine wins women's boxing for the first time

She's Got It
13 jul, 10:10

Skin can't be good or bad: what body neutrality is and solutions that change the rules of the game

Special Project
5 jul, 15:35

Women in business: how a Ukrainian project helps entrepreneurs succeed

2 jul, 17:44

In Ukraine, a girl is commentating on European Football Championship for the first time

2 jul, 11:10

Rada demands official investigation into who approved "march in heels"

4 jun, 09:14

Deputy from "European Solidarity" calls women who defend their right to abortion underdeveloped." The party responded

22 may, 17:35

Presumption of men's incapacity? Why didn’t the father in Kyiv keep an eye on his child, and why was the mother held responsible?

She's Got It
9 may, 08:10

Mother's Day: 10 ways to congratulate your mom. Even if you're not around

She's Got It
22 apr, 16:26

Child-free in Ukraine: living for yourself or in poverty?

She's Got It
1 apr, 16:56

How retired women believe in themselves again. Story from Poltava

She's Got It
30 mar, 10:39

"City of Goodness": how Chernivtsi volunteers help mothers and children in need

She's Got It
11 mar, 12:25

I do "it" with a vibrator. Why a "sexual" scandal broke out in CEC

8 mar, 12:05

Opendatabot: almost half of all sole proprietors in Ukraine are women

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