11:21 20 Oct 2023

No Waste Ukraine awards companies for maintaining waste sorting during war

No Waste Ukraine has awarded the permanent NO WASTE WORKPLACE to companies that continue to sort waste even amid a full-scale war.

Rubryka informs about this.

What is the problem?

Ukrainian companies that prioritize responsibility and conscientiousness have expressed a desire for separate garbage collection, a commitment to sustainable environmental practices, and a focus on promoting the culture of household waste sorting among their employees. It is widely recognized that haphazard waste management leads to environmental pollution and worsens the negative impact on the environment.

What is the solution?

The solution to this problem is the social entrepreneurship initiative No Waste Ukraine, which provides the "Green Office" service.

It includes an office eco-audit, team training, installation of convenient containers for sorting, removal of sorted recyclables, and provision of a digitized report for each item of separately collected waste (the information becomes a valuable tool in the preparation of the company's annual SDG report).

No Waste Ukraine provides full support to companies so that corporate sorting is as efficient as possible.

In October 2023, No Waste Ukraine introduced a permanent award, NO WASTE WORKPLACE, for companies that use the "Green Office" and do not stop sorting waste even in conditions of full-scale war.

The NO WASTE WORKPLACE award is symbolic, but it is also a testimony that, regardless of the circumstances, the company significantly contributes to environmental protection.

No Waste Ukraine is convinced that separate waste collection is integral to corporate social responsibility and urges other companies to join sorting.

The following organizations received the first awards from No Waste Ukraine:

  • Embassy of Canada in Ukraine,
  • the Creative States network of co-working spaces,
  • salon 365 STUDIO,
  • PUMA Ukraine and others.

How does it work?

The "Green Office" service from No Waste Ukraine is available for companies of any size and industry. Companies can complete an online application to start interacting with No Waste Ukraine managers, who will help set up efficient separate waste collection.

The "Green Office" program starts with an ecological assessment of the workplace, training for the team, and installation of user-friendly bins for separating waste. Afterward, No Waste Ukraine exports the sorted materials and provides a digital report for each type of waste collected separately (which can be utilized in the company's annual Sustainable Development Goals report). No Waste Ukraine offers comprehensive assistance to ensure that corporate waste sorting is done as effectively as possible.

This service helps companies reduce their environmental impact and become more environmentally responsible. It is important to emphasize that the NO WASTE WORKPLACE award is given to companies that, together with No Waste Ukraine, actively participate in environmental protection, and this is an essential step in forming a sustainable culture of waste management in the business environment.

"We are grateful to the companies that sort and set an example for others. For our part, we are always happy to help you become inspiring stakeholders of green changes," said Yevhenia Aratovska, the project's founder.

For reference:

No Waste Ukraine is a social enterprise that is engaged in the creation of a modern waste sorting infrastructure, has been popularizing the culture of waste sorting in Ukraine since 2015, has its waste sorting station (25/4 Saperno-Slobidska St.) and a sorting capsule (13 Pymonenko St.) in Kyiv.

No Waste Ukraine aims to create an unparalleled sorting experience for people who want to live in a clean and safe environment.

It should be noted that the organization No Waste Ukraine and The Good Plastic Company are launching a collection of durable polystyrene.

It was also reported that No Waste Ukraine announced the brand's relaunch to change consumers' perception of the company radically.

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