6 feb, 19:21

Eco-solutions: Kyiv launches new courier service for sorted waste removal

15 jan, 19:34

Eco-solutions: Kyiv region launches pilot project to process destruction waste

8 jan, 16:10

Eco-solutions: Uzhhorod launches new garbage sorting site for improved waste management

7 dec, 13:39

Eco-navigation: how teenagers in Chernihiv region are rebuilding their village and simplifying the lives of displaced people

5 dec, 12:14

Circular construction in the Kharkiv region: Ukraine uses demolition waste for reconstruction

27 nov, 15:25

No Waste Ukraine releases board game to teach waste sorting

21 nov, 15:19

House of waste: how a Kharkiv resident builds a house "from nothing" in Khmelnytskyi region

1 nov, 16:15

Eco-solution: Kyiv café starts collecting bottles and Russian-language books for recycling

20 oct, 11:21

No Waste Ukraine awards companies for maintaining waste sorting during war

13 oct, 19:26

Solutions to win: Kharkiv uses recycled reconstruction waste to restore war-affected housing

10 oct, 12:08

Under the impact of war: what to do with destruction waste in communities?

8 oct, 14:36

Solutions to win: Vinnytsia students rally to collect over 2.5 tons of plastic in aid of Ukrainian army

4 oct, 14:26

Ukraine commits to upgrade waste management, aligning landfills with EU standards by 2030 – environmental ministry

8 sep, 16:20

Eco-solution: Waste sorting boxes installed near every kindergarten and school in western Chernivtsi

1 sep, 14:41

How to help communities deal with garbage: the cases of Slavutych and Konotop

9 aug, 15:21

Environmentalists say despite ongoing war, more Ukrainians are recycling batteries

7 aug, 15:43

Ukrainian town of Liubotyn leads waste reduction efforts with composting over burning vegetation

17 jul, 13:15

Sorting waste during the war: why is the No Waste Ukraine organization's activity in due season?

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