16 jul, 12:48

People's deputies didn't support the draft law on control of industrial emissions

15 jul, 12:50

The EU intends to recognize a special legal regime for Ukrainian electricity

15 jul, 11:35

65,000 euros for killing a bee: solutions to save endangered bees

12 jul, 11:54

Over the past 6 years, Ukrainians bought almost 30,000 electric cars

9 jul, 15:40

Air in Ukraine: TOP-10 cleanest and most polluted cities

3 jul, 10:10

Dnieper Day: in 6 years, we'll have to choose who gets water

1 jul, 09:17

Green patent. Where and how they accelerate technologies that will save the world

21 jun, 15:33

Ukraine has one of the world's highest drought risks, study says

17 jun, 10:25

Planting clouds, straw in dunes and drone trees: how the world solves the problem of desertification

16 jun, 17:37

Will waste sorting reduce child mortality? How and why Ukrainians will start paying for waste

11 jun, 10:10

Zelenskyi's billion trees: an actual solution or an impossible task?

7 jun, 13:07

Ukraine launches Green Country project: it plans to increase forest area by 1 million hectares in 10 years

7 jun, 11:49

Zelenskyi signs a law banning plastic bags

31 may, 10:03

Ukrainian ornithologists go into pelicans rehabilitation

28 may, 16:02

In Ukraine, you can buy paper and bags of fallen leaves

27 may, 09:40

Zakarpattia, with National Space Center's participation, creates a map of polluted rivers

22 may, 10:22

Biodiversity vs. eating habits: how your food affects our planet

20 may, 08:30

Sea Day: how ocean is saved abroad and what Ukraine can do

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