7 dec, 15:24

Rubryka reporter's photos presented in Ukrainian pavilion at COP28 Climate Summit

7 dec, 13:39

Eco-navigation: how teenagers in Chernihiv region are rebuilding their village and simplifying the lives of displaced people

6 dec, 16:30

Russia-appointed Kherson authorities allow abduction of rare Ukrainian species from Askania-Nova reserve

5 dec, 12:40

Russia has inflicted nearly $10 mln in climate damage on Ukraine during 18 month of war

3 dec, 19:23

Ukraine and Italy to collaborate on renewable energy development

2 dec, 16:27

UAnimals organizes international performance to raise awareness of Russia's ecocide in Ukraine

1 dec, 18:26

Solutions for Ukraine's "green" reconstruction: international conference in Lithuania takeaways

28 nov, 14:20

600 rescued fish and cats: contact room in Kharkiv helps people cope with stress

28 nov, 10:12

Lithuania hosts four-day conference on green reconstruction of Ukraine

28 nov, 09:30

Ukraine is investigating over 270 Russian war crimes against its environment

23 nov, 15:23

Ukrainian initiative on the forefront of digital cleanup: reducing carbon footprint and combating global warming

21 nov, 15:19

House of waste: how a Kharkiv resident builds a house "from nothing" in Khmelnytskyi region

18 nov, 15:26

Eco-solutions: Irpin lyceum students gather 150 kilos of plastic caps to purchase military drone

17 nov, 12:49

Black Sea heals its wounds: four months after the Kakhovka disaster

15 nov, 12:11

"I hope we will be able to have an interview following the Victory": Life in Kherson region post-Kakhovka HPP disaster

14 nov, 14:29

Despite shelling and mining: Kherson region's farming year results and solutions for food security

12 nov, 16:30

Ukraine joins global effort to conserve cryosphere

11 nov, 14:54

Ukraine's war destruction surpasses 670,000 tons due to Russian aggression

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