11 aug, 11:32

Europe's largest solar power plant launched in west of Spain

10 aug, 14:31

G7 foreign ministers demand immediate control return of Zaporizhzhia NPP to Ukraine

10 aug, 14:07

Nuclear danger: what will happen to the Zaporizhzhia region and Dnipro and how to protect yourself in the event of a disaster at the ZNPP

10 aug, 14:06

"Green" energy price in Ukraine is lower than conventional electricity in Europe

9 aug, 14:43

Damaged harvest and new crops: Farmers' new challenges and solutions that work

7 aug, 16:01

First innovative solar energy system installed in Ukraine

7 aug, 13:20

russian troops open fire on Zaporizhzhia NPP, rockets hit close to spent fuel dry storage casks

6 aug, 11:19

Zaporizhzhia NPP’s power unit No. 4 disconnected from grid. Evacuation impossible in case of accident

6 aug, 11:03

President’s Office: IAEA, UN must demand that russians withdraw from Zaporizhzhia NPP

5 aug, 09:30

How war speeds up global warming and mass extinction

3 aug, 15:08

Europe's largest nuclear plant captured by russians "out of control" – IAEA

2 aug, 12:17

Over 100,000 ha of land burned during five months of war—protected areas account for third

30 jul, 15:25

Devastating consequences caused by water can be similar to the effects of nuclear weapons: what will happen if the russians start shelling the hydroelectric power stations?

29 jul, 15:45

Winter is coming: the consequences of firing at the TPP and what to do before the heating season

29 jul, 11:25

Ukrainian students found eco-solutions for disposable smoking systems

29 jul, 11:19

Ecologists found a way to record the use of prohibited weapons by russians in places they can’t reach due to active warfare

29 jul, 10:58

Ukrainian Nature Conservation Group condemns the plan the Ministry of the Environment presented at the ecology conference in Lugano

29 jul, 10:30

Territories shelled by russians have to be deserted or conserved, environmental expert says

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