Zaporizhzhia region

28 mar, 10:06

Russian attack destroys restaurant and damages housing in Kharkiv

24 mar, 19:23

Solutions to win: Zaporizhzhia builds fortifications with defense against FPV drones

20 mar, 15:51

Russian occupiers continue "meat assaults" near Robotyne

10 mar, 16:59

Russian troops intensify use of poison-infused ammunition – Ukraine's armed forces

6 mar, 15:59

Ukrainian resistance in occupied Berdiansk blows up vehicle carrying Kremlin elections organizer

26 feb, 13:13

Four Ukrainian guardsmen crush Russian column near front-line village of Robotyne

13 feb, 13:24

Ukrainian soldiers repel Russian assault and capture 12 occupiers in Zaporizhzhia region

18 jan, 17:14

Russian forces drop six aerial bombs on frontline Orikhiv, wiping out high-rise building

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16 jan, 11:17

Helping one person means helping a whole country: the story of an organization that became a refuge for war victims

15 jan, 12:28

Ukrainian resistance in occupied Melitopol blows up Russian military vehicle carrying soldiers and equipment

13 jan, 09:19

Explosions ring out in Russian-occupied Berdiansk

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10 jan, 10:37

To replace window with plywood and hope for the best: how frontline Zaporizhzhia helps its citizens

19 nov, 19:26

Explosions rock Russian-occupied Melitopol

18 nov, 16:25

Russian missile strikes Zaporizhzhia again, killing two rescue workers and injuring seven

15 nov, 14:47

Russian attack kills two first responders at shelling scene in Zaporizhzhia region

14 nov, 15:33

National Guard captures four Russian soldiers on Zaporizhzhia front

13 nov, 11:57

Russian troops abduct 10-year-old orphan in occupied Zaporizhzhia region

12 nov, 18:33

Russian military conducts raids, uses Ukrainians as human shields in occupation – Melitopol's mayor

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