Zaporizhzhia region

21 nov, 17:29

Occupiers may prevent IAEA from entering Zaporizhzhia NPP to assess damage

6 nov, 15:09

russians strike Zaporizhzhia region with missiles

5 nov, 09:05

Enemy strikes Zaporizhzhia region's district with S-300 missiles

20 oct, 09:22

Occupying forces began to remove Ukrainian property from Enerhodar — Energoatom

14 oct, 23:30

IAEA: Back-up power to Zaporizhzhia NPP restored

8 oct, 21:02

IAEA chief announces urgent steps to protect Zaporizhzhia NPP

3 oct, 16:17

Occupiers' attempts to impose russian alternative reality in Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions

30 sep, 10:26

russians shelled humanitarian convoy on Zaporizhzhia outskirts: 23 killed and 28 wounded

6 sep, 18:10

IAEA confirms russia deploying military equipment and troops at Zaporizhzhia NPP

1 sep, 19:07

IAEA chief leaves Zaporizhzhia NPP, five mission representatives remain at nuclear plant

26 aug, 10:50

IAEA mission plans to arrive at Zaporizhzhia NPP next week – official

25 aug, 14:54

Breaking out of occupation and telling the truth about russians: five stories of Ukrainians

19 aug, 11:38

Energoatom: russians preparing large-scale provocation at Zaporizhzhia NPP

18 aug, 17:49

russian invaders plot provocation at Zaporizhzhia NPP for Aug 19 – intelligence

14 aug, 15:54

russian forces shell Enerhodar, civilian injuries reported

11 aug, 20:30

US supports calls for creating demilitarized zone around ZNPP

11 aug, 20:12

Radiation will affect a million people: expert warned about possible disaster at Zaporizhzhia NPP consequences

11 aug, 16:45

russian invaders again fire at Zaporizhzhia NPP

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