24 sep, 15:15

"I'm on the road and I'm in trouble": what to do when you're unlucky with BlaBlaCar

14 sep, 16:23

Arsenii Pushkarenko: "Big Construction" is an unprecedented development of infrastructure in the country

12 sep, 22:31

Ukraine’s demand for used cars up 56% in August

2 sep, 12:50

Roundabouts on roads: pros, cons, solutions

2 aug, 10:35

Scrap metal in yards. How to remove an abandoned car

12 jul, 11:54

Over the past 6 years, Ukrainians bought almost 30,000 electric cars

15 jun, 14:54

New customs rules for "Euro-plates" come into force in Ukraine today

14 apr, 09:36

New Maidan in Kyiv? What happens to the "euro plates"

2 apr, 13:07

Klychko intends to expand benefits for small and medium-sized businesses in Kyiv

11 mar, 09:27

New traffic rules: what a driver should know about in 2021

2 feb, 10:31

Prison for a belt, pulling license for a light. How Avakov wants to strengthen power at drivers' expense

2 dec, 09:12

We can avoid tragedies at bus stops. Pedestrian protection solutions

25 nov, 09:26

Today, traffic rules changes come into force: you must fasten a belt in a taxi

23 nov, 08:50

By 2030, Kryklii wants to replace all city public transport with electric

20 nov, 08:53

"Goodies" for electric cars in Ukraine. What do green numbers give?

2 nov, 12:30

"Dodgy" tow trucks in Kyiv: who actually gets paid when police evacuate your car?

30 oct, 18:32

Micromobility has approached Ukraine

27 oct, 22:34

Six Ukrainian highways become private: what does it mean

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