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Canada's gift to Ukraine: outstanding pianist Mažintas performed in Izium, Kharkiv region

On December 13, the outstanding pianist Darius Mažintas performed in the city of Izium, Kharkiv region, playing compositions in the de-occupied Kharkiv region from the series Naive Music by the Ukrainian composer Valentyn Sylvestrov.

Rubryka correspondent reports.

On December 13, 2022, Kremenetska Hill in Izium was covered with fog. Still, even it could not hide the damage caused by the russian aggression and occupation of the monuments of sacred art, Cuman women statues, and the entire city.

Мажинтас в Ізюмі

Mr. Mažintas wears dark formal clothes, a black bulletproof vest with patches of blue-yellow and Canadian flags nearby, allows himself only gloves, and performs modern Ukrainian classics for about an hour in the drizzly, humidity at a temperature of only +5. He chose, passed through himself, and practiced these melodies for over a month.

Мажинтас в Ізюмі

"With the beginning of the war, I became more interested in Ukrainian culture. That's how I discovered Sylvestrov. His music has all of Ukraine, its nature and people," said maestro Mažintas.

Мажинтас в Ізюмі

He arrived in Izium the day before and spent the night with the team in an ancient cellar, which served as a shelter for more than 60 residents during the war and occupation.

Darius Mažintas is always impressed by the resilience of Ukrainians and their ability to preserve humanity and do good even in the darkest times. An example of such resilience is the Izium volunteer movement.

Мажинтас в Ізюмі

Serhii Shtanko, who remained in his hometown throughout the occupation, helped organize the performance.

He hopes for recovery: "Daily assistance to the townspeople and drawing attention to the cultural heritage of Izium is important."


The Looking at the Stars Foundation, a Canadian charity based in Toronto, gives classical music performed by first-in-class artists to those who need it most but least expect it.

On April 26, the Looking at the Stars Foundation presented the first classical music concert to Ukraine. It was dedicated to the memory of those who died in the destroyed city of Irpin.

And on December 13, they again bowed to the fallen and inspired the living in the city of Izium.

"On behalf of the board of directors, for the second time, a symbolic gift of classical music, love, respect, and admiration was presented to the steadfast and heroic Ukrainian people, who are tirelessly and selflessly fighting the evil russian aggression.

Мажинтас в Ізюмі

I am sure that classical music, our only weapon, can be as powerful as HIMARS. This will further revive the steadfast Ukrainians and destroy the psyche and morale of the aggressor," says Dmitri Kanovich. He is the founder and CEO of the "Looking at the Stars" Foundation.

"We owe Ukraine every day and minute of our peaceful existence. With humility and pride, we have the opportunity to say 'thank you' from the bottom of our hearts. Glory to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people!" he emphasized.

Мажинтас в Ізюмі

"Music cannot level destruction, but it heals wounds. With this action, we draw attention to the cultural losses suffered by the world's cultural heritage as a result of russian aggression in Ukraine.

We demonstrate how devastating the war is being waged against the Ukrainian people and our culture. In the global context, we use the world's attention to get out of the shadow of russian culture today," says Yaryna Yasinevych. She is a co-organizer of the initiative and head of Demoforum.

The performance was organized and financed by the efforts of the Canadian Foundation Looking at the Stars, with the assistance of the Ukrainian NGO All-Ukrainian Democratic Forum, the volunteer initiative People-Army and the Izium community.

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