Kharkiv region

30 dec, 14:11

russians once again shell Kharkiv region and its neighbors: casualties reported

14 dec, 12:43

Canada's gift to Ukraine: outstanding pianist Mažintas performed in Izium, Kharkiv region

11 dec, 09:58

Fifteen settlements come under enemy fire in Kharkiv region

9 oct, 14:04

Evacuation on foot, water from the emergency services and ads about russian passports. How does the released Kupyansk live

8 oct, 15:32

Four dead civilians are found in Kharkiv region

30 sep, 15:18

Liubotyn in Kharkiv region became second city in Ukraine to adopt zero waste concept

29 sep, 17:26

Second city in Ukraine joined zero waste concept: how a community in the Kharkiv region came to sustainable development

27 sep, 13:03

Kharkiv region's critical logistical hub liberated in Ukraine's counteroffensive

22 sep, 18:38

"It's scary, but I'm free": life of de-occupied Vovchansk

19 sep, 18:02

"Having less is better": new russian crimes exposed in de-occupied Vovchansk

Photo report
18 sep, 17:23

Liberated Balaklia: occupiers' base and police torture chamber. Photo

Photo report
18 sep, 16:15

Liberated Kozacha Lopan: how border village in Kharkiv region comes back to life

18 sep, 14:07

Exhumation procedures near Izium will last about two weeks – mayor

17 sep, 12:00

445 crosses and exhumation in Izium, Kharkiv region: city turned into torture chamber

16 sep, 16:27

Mass burial in Izyum: UN wants to send mission

16 sep, 12:18

Liberated Kharkiv region after russians: road to de-occupation and dead enemies

14 sep, 13:41

Zelensky visits Izium, recently liberated in counteroffensive

12 sep, 14:36

russian soldiers are fleeing, massively looting along the way – Ukraine's intelligence

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