12:11 28 Jan 2022

7 organs transplanted in Lviv First Medical Association in 6 days

In six days, the First Medical Association of Lviv transplanted seven organs to patients: heart, liver, and five kidneys.

This was reported in the Lviv City Council.

It is noted that two transplants were made from relatives and three more from two posthumous donors. The main transplant day was January 26. On that day, to bring the heart from Ivano-Frankivsk, a special operation with the National Police had to be launched.

"The donor was in Ivano-Frankivsk. This is a 52-year-old woman who unfortunately died of a stroke. Her husband and children signed a donation agreement. Our doctors helped transplant one kidney to colleagues on the spot, and patients in Lviv were waiting for other organs," doctors reported.

However, they noted that if the liver and kidneys could still be transported by car, the time allowed, the heart had to be delivered quickly, because after removal it is only 3-3.5 hours for it to clog the recipient's chest.

They decided to use a helicopter, but before the operation, it became known that the weather was bad, it would not arrive.

"The choice was either to give up the heart that a 67-year-old man was waiting for in the intensive care unit after three heart attacks or to try to drive 130 km in snow and ice. Of course, we chose the second one," the doctors said.


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